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What others say about us

What others say about us

Good Morning Jack,
I would like to start off by stating that you have a great crew. Even though my home has a way to go before completion, I must say that I am impressed.

As an example, yesterday I went out to the home and the crew was wiring and downstairs the heating was being installed. Everyone there made it a point to say hello and if asked a question, they would respond in a positive way. In the basement I met Mike who was installing the duct work. He came off his ladder walked over shook my hand and explained what he was doing. Luke answered questions I had about the cuts in the 2 x 4s’ with a “B” written as bowed out. He specifically asked me about the kitchen island location and if I agreed. John has been answering my questions and has helped me with that same kitchen island design and relocation of the cable location. I then went over to the new model and it there were two Capital Workers who introduced themselves asked who I was and when I told them that I was buying Lot 11, they both said, “I helped put in your basement walls” and they were proud.

You know that from the start Ginny had been most helpful, even in picking out colors or verifying my color selection was not off the wall. When I was considering Capital, I was also looking at another builder in Howell and Ginny convinced me that Capital was the best decision I could make.

I know that I am rambling on about Capital but I thought I should let you know how I perceive Capital and their Associates. I have been in Industrial Construction for over 40 years and I have previously built two homes, one in Texas and one here in Northville. I can say to you that Capital is an excellent builder and I am very pleased with my experience and am sure will be as the build moves on. I also want to say that with your guidance and Erin’s direction to his crew, your staff makes this build for me a Positive One.

Thank You Jack for your strong desire to provide a Quality Home with a Positive Experience.

Tom Wolsos
Lot 11 Waverly Woods

We would highly recommend Capital Construction homes! We love our newly built home and the work they have come back to do for us. Very professional and curtious. Looking forward to working with them again.

Andrea Dalrymple

We love our Capital Construction Home! The Quality is outstanding and they are easy to work with. We would recommend building with them. They are very honest and trustworthy.

Amie Hollyfield Hoppe

This is the first time we have gone through the building process. Starting out it is very overwhelming but Capital Construction Group made the process very easy and were more than helpful during the build as well as during our first year in our new home. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in building!

Jim Boisvert

We had such a great experience with capital construction. We absolutely love our home and would build with them again! The level of detail and quality of their homes is far beyond anything else we have seen while looking for a builder. I would recommend capital construction to anyone!

Brooke Madigan

We are in the final days prior to move in on our new home and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality workmanship and integrity that we have received from everyone at Capital Construction. They have been extremely patient with us as we modified our original plans many times and have been nothing but kind and accommodating. Building a new house is stressful, but much less stressful working with everyone at Capital Construction. If you are building in Michigan, but not with Capital Construction, you have my sympathy. Thank you everyone at Capital Construction.

Tamatha K. Barnes

From start to finish, everyone we worked with from Capital was amazing. If we had a question, it was answered the same day. They were always very detail oriented and made sure everything was done in a quality fashion. Not many people can say they enjoyed their building experience but we certainly did! Thanks for our beautiful dream home!

Rebecca Voltattorni

Abundance of integrity and quality. This team will go above and beyond to make your experience first class.

David Smyth